2022 Nebraska primary election results

2022 Nebraska primary election results: Gubernatorial race, congressional seats and more: Nebraska’s primary election is an opportunity to choose the state and local officials that will  govern the public for their betterment. So, it should be a wise decision to choose the right leader for your state. In future, their decision may affect us in many ways as the taxation process, tax rates and so on. Following the same thought, a huge crowd has jumped to the voting poll to choose their favourite candidates on May 10, Tuesday. And the people are looking forwards to the results. Well, you don’t have to wait much now. Here you will get every tiny detail about the election. Stay Tuned!

As we know the election has been held on Tuesday. The day is a big day for all the contestants as the nomination will be decided for the gubernatorial race, first, second and third congressional districts and other seats.

Here are the results of the election:-

A total of 12 candidates are competing in the race to reform Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts – 2

Democratic, 1 Libertarian and 9 Republicans.

As per the announcement of the Associated Press, Carol Blood defeated Roy Harris and won the title Democratic nomination. And Jim Pillen won the republic nomination with huge votes over

the rest candidates who were competing in the Republican race were named:-, Charles Herbster, Brett Lindstrom, Breland Ridenour, Theresa Thibodeau, Lela McNinch, Troy Wentz, Michael Connely and Donna Nicole Carpenter. Zimmerman is the only Libertarian candidate in the election.

First congressional district – All detail

As per the associated press, Democrat Patty Pansing Brooks earned a nomination over Jazari Kual Zakaria. Mike Flood beat the other candidates as Thireena Yuki Connely, Jeff Fortenberry, Curtis D. Hoffman and John Glen Weaver and won the Republican nomination over them.

Second congressional district- Grab Information

Associated Press has announced that Tony Vargas won the Democratic nomination over the candidate Alisha Shelton. The victory of Tony Vargas is almost expected due to his ability to work with other lawmakers. And one more thing is here, he has the legislative experience that was enough for him to win the election. On the other hand, as per the press association, Republican Don Bacon got the nomination over candidate Steve Kuehl.

Eyes on Third congressional district-

Incumbent Adrian Smith has earned the Republican nomination over the candidate Mike Calhoun As per the associate press, two candidates- David Else and Daniel Wik are racing for Democratic nominations.







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