20-Years-Old Rapes His Sister’s Friend in Bengaluru, Shared a Video. ​

Youth arrested for raping sister’s Friend:-

We have come across the most heart-shivering news of a 15 years old innocent girl. As regards 20 years old is arrested on charges of allegedly raping and sexually abusing his sister’s 15-year-old female friend in Bengaluru. She was prey to five boys, who sexually abused her and blackmail her too. It isn’t wrong to say that she was raped and this has now become the most disheartening news which is covered up by all the news channels as well as also making headlines on the internet. According to the confirmed sources an entire act had been taken under by a 20-year-old man and his five other friends. They are allegedly accused of sexually harassing a victim and also for filming it on a mobile phone.

Suspect Shares Video With His Friends:-

Later on, that same video had been used by the culprits to blackmail a girl exporting money, and also used for threatening a girl to be accused sexually once again and for sharing this video of her in public.

College Girl Raped In Bengaluru:-

It all started when a minor girl’s ordeal started last October, so, she had to went to her friend’s house. When she reached there she found that ” her friend wasn’t at home at the same time her elder brother asked a girl to come inside his room then he took an advantage of the situation and raped her. He wasn’t only stopped here but also filmed an entire act on his mobile phone.”

Bengaluru 15-years-old Girl Rape Video:-

No this wasn’t stopped yet, at the end of November he had shared that video with his five other friends. Later on, his friends slaughtered the situation as they also abused her physically or sexually. With an aim of demanding money from a girl in exchange for not sharing this inappropriate video in the public.

Whereas one day her mother noticed that a girl is in depression and she intended her to tell a truth. Later, the mother of the victim took a strong step against the accused in the favour of her daughter. She filed a complaint with Yelakhanka on April 6 and by Saturday officer succeeded in arresting the six accuses.

Srikanth R, Kidnapped a Girl:-

Of the rest, five friends of the main accuse one of them has been identified as Srikanth R, who is 32 years old. As per investigation reports, he threatened a girl with his fake gun and took her to his home in Yelahanka New Town in Bengaluru. He is an owner of a mobile shop who also owns a cap drive for a cab aggregator.

Youth arrested for raping sister’s Friend:-

As for the confirmed sources, Srikanth is been arrested on the charges of RAPE, KIDNAPPING, and various other sections under POCSO.

Briefing of the case further added that ” Two excuses are elusive and we are still looking for them.”

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